Q. What is aceDollar?

A. aceDollar is a personal and family finance application delivered on the web. It allows its members and users to closely track and report on their finances so that they can save more money and achieve their financial goals sooner.

Q. Why personal finance?

A. In order to measure things you have to quantify them.

Q. How personal finance?

A. Everything that

Q. Is aceDollar secure?

A. Yes. aceDollar uses industry standard SSL (TLS) during your entire visit.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. Only an email address is required to use aceDollar.

Q. Does aceDollar store any personally identifiable information?

A. No.

Q. What browsers is aceDollar compatible with?

A. Any recent versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox are compatible with aceDollar. In addition, mobile phone (and tablet) versions of Google Chrome and FireFox are fully compatible with aceDollar. Safari is also supported on all devices.

Q. Can more than one user use aceDollar?

A. Yes. Buy or upgrade to our 'Couples' or 'Family' plan.

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?

A. Yes, please contact us for more details.

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All plans include an unlimited number of payees, categories, notes, budgets, reminders, reports and free access to tools, financial calculators and market information.

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